The Gift Nugget

The Start of a Bespoke Jewellery Design Journey

Present your special someone with the Gift of all Gifts: A mesmerizing Gold Nugget for him/her to have a bespoke jewellery piece designed and made from it, according to their unique wishes.

The Gold Nugget is a 2,3 gram 14 carat gold nugget that represents your bespoke jewellery piece. Together we will explore your wishes and exchange ideas for a design to be handcrafted at Studio Martine Viergever.

The Start of a Bespoke Jewellery Design Journey

Gold. It was formed 4,6 billion years ago out of an explosion from a star much bigger than our sun, a supernova. From space the gold that was formed whirled upon our earth and ever since it has been here. Imagine the journey it has made, what is has seen and experienced in the past centuries, decades and years. The many forms it has taken over time. From ancient jewellery to an iPhone part.

Another journey starts here as a freshly poured gold nugget into this box. The journey: your personal one. This gold will accompany you through life. It will become a carrier of experiences and impressions that will form your character and style. What started out as something raw could be made into anything…

You decide.


How does it work?

Order the Gold Nugget Gift voucher at: Fill out your budget and pay an advance of 250€ on the materials, design and production of the jewellery piece.
You will receive a lustrous 2,3 gram 14 carat gold nugget in a box, beautifully wrapped for your valentine.

The Start of a Bespoke Jewellery Design Journey

Email to set a date for a meeting at the studio in Rotterdam. Live chat or email will also do if neccessary. We will explore wishes and exchange ideas during this meeting. The gold nugget will be returned to me and will function as the base material used to create your bespoke jewellery piece.

After this the design will be finalized and I will communicate the final pricing of the piece. Once the jewellery piece is ready we will discuss how you would like to present it to your beloved.

If you have any questions about this product. Feel free to contact me!

concept i.c.w. Iñiy Sanchez