The Gift Nugget

The Start of a Bespoke Jewellery Design Journey Gift your loved one the ultimate original gift: a gold nugget representing a future, personalized piece of jewelry. This nugget will allow the receiver to create a customized piece in close collaboration with designer Martine Viergever. An unforgettable gift made of 2.3 grams of 14-carat gold that will become the expression of your character and style. What started out as gold material will turn into a present that will accompany your loved one for a lifetime.

The Start of a Bespoke Jewellery Design Journey

How does it work?

1. Order your Gift Nugget

Order the Gift Nugget Gift voucher here. Fill out your maximum budget and pay an advance of €300 for a gold and €150 for a silver nugget on the materials, design, and production of the jewelry piece. The advance is based on the minimum amount paid for a custom-made item, like a fine ring or earring.

The Start of a Bespoke Jewellery Design Journey

2. Receive your Gift Nugget

You will receive a 2.3 grams of 14-carat gold or sterling silver nugget in a box, beautifully wrapped for your loved one by post or pick-up in the Rotterdam studio.


3. Share your Gift

  1. Present your loved one The Gift Nugget voucher. In the box, you will also find an explanation of how The Gift Nugget voucher is redeemed.
  2. 4. Make Appointment
  1. Email to set a date for a meeting at the studio. Live chat or email will also do, if necessary.
  2. 5. Explore

We will explore wishes and exchange ideas during a meeting. Please bring The Gift Nugget voucher as it will function as the base material used to create your bespoke jewellery piece.


6. Design

  1. After this, the design will be finalized and Martine Viergever will communicate the final pricing of the piece. Once the jewellery piece is ready we will discuss how you would like to present it to your beloved one.


If you have any questions about this product. please reach out to

concept i.c.w. Iñiy Sanchez