About Martine Viergever

Martine Viergever


Martine Viergever is a Dutch accessory designer with a distinguished hand-crafted style and a poetic vision. With her pieces, she creates a sphere for the understated, for the unseen, for the wearer who does not need to be decorated at all. This is the field of tension in which Martine Viergever operates. She creates for human expression – and plays with the contradictions that come with it.

The exceptionally ordinary

Kickstarting her career as a designer, she found ways to make the ordinary extraordinary. With this first collection, called Things That Might As Well Be, Martine Viergever sheds light on the everyday objects that deserve our attention. She captures the things that we surround ourselves with day-to-day but tend to overlook. A hairpin that is forever lost, or a piece of a toy that leaves us feeling nostalgic – she celebrates the ordinary by turning them into timeless pieces.

Beyond beauty alone

In the creation process, Martine Viergever looks for different stories to tell, other than her work is just beautiful. Beauty is what is familiar to us, but Viergever looks far beyond. Her creations surprise and dare to challenge, and are sometimes contradictory. It originates an
intimate bond with the one who wears them, one that lasts a lifetime. Elegant and with an air of nonchalance, it makes the Viergever wearer stand out from the crowd.

Home Jewelry

Her innovative ways and distinctive visual language extend beyond jewelry alone. Creating accessories for home living, by letting silver and gold reach all parts of everyday life, she captures moments in time by making us look twice. She continues to reinvent what jewelry can be in a time when expression has no limits, in an oversaturated world, by finding poetry and simplicity.


Words by Roos van der Markt