Best care for your jewellery

Martine Viergever’s products are crafted by hand. Products should be worn and treated with care to prevent from being damaged.



Jewellery care for Sterling Silver 925/000

Over time oxidation reactions can occur in silver jewellery. The best way to keep your silver jewellery from tarnishing is to wear it frequently and polish it regularly. Silver jewellery oxidises over time, which means the upper layer of the jewellery piece turns black under the influence of components in the air or even the acid in your skin.

The best way to keep it from tarnishing is to wear your jewellery piece frequently.

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Jewellery care for Oxidised Sterling Silver 925/000

Oxidised silver is characterized by its black color. Oxidization is a natural process of silver tarnishing under the influence of sulphur in the air. Our black jewellery is developed by speeding up this process by dipping the piece into a solution.
The black film on silver is a thin top layer. The black colour will disappear there where the surface rubs with your skin or clothing. This way the wearer will give his or her piece of jewellery the finishing touch. This will result in a worn-out look. Oxidised sterling silver should not be cleaned or polished.

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Jewellery care for Goldplated Sterling Silver 925/000 or brass

Goldplating is developed by electrolysis which forms a gold film with an average thickness of 3 micron on a jewellery piece. How long the gold film will last depends on how you handle your jewellery. Keep away from chemicals and avoid wearing your jewellery during activities that involve a lot of bumping or rubbing.
The yellow goldplated colour resembles an 18 karat gold color, which is a deep warm yellow. Yellow goldplated silver tarnishes very little.
The colour of rose goldplated silver is reached by adding copper. This makes the material more sensitive to tarnishing than yellow goldplated material.

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